Avoid Food Waste: 5 Practical Tips

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Did you know that the earth currently produces enough food to feed everyone alive? Yet, world hunger is a steadily growing problem. We don’t realize it, but we waste a lot of food. Roughly one-third of the food we produce goes to waste. And the biggest culprits are households. Yep. We waste more food in the home than farmers and transportation companies.

In the US alone, a single person could generate 219 pounds of food waste every year. We collectively need to evaluate our food habits and make the right changes. Here are some tips to get started.

5 Practical Tips to Avoid Food Waste

Find out why you waste food

Be honest with yourself. Identify the top reasons why you might waste a meal. Some people may forget their lunches, especially on busy days. For others, their meals may come with a side dish which they do not enjoy. Another reason could be that you always get a bigger serving size than you can handle.

Over the next few days, pay attention to how you treat food and the reasons why you may waste food. Then work to correct these waste points. You may start by asking for a smaller serving size or set reminders for your mealtime.

Always make a grocery list

Food shopping without a grocery list is not a good idea. It could leave you easily confused about what you need. You may also pick up items that are not necessary and will end up in your fridge for months. Save your time and money by making a detailed list before going to the grocery store or farmers market.

Avoid bulk fruit discounts

You don’t need three bunches of bananas at the price of one. This is a tactic used by grocery stores to get rid of fruits and bring in new stock. The problem is that most people who rush to these discounts eventually waste the fruits. Unless you have real plans to use up those fruits, avoid bulk fruit discounts. Most grocery chains will donate these fruits to food banks before they go bad, so you don’t have to worry about them.

Buy the ugly vegetables

Farmers and grocery stores throw out a ton of vegetables because they may not look as appealing as the others. You don’t have to buy the perfectly formed apples and potatoes. The ‘ugly’ ones taste just as great as the others. Save these vegetables from being tossed or rotting away by purchasing them yourself.

Use preservation methods

If you’re getting tired of a food item in your fridge or pantry, simply preserve it. There are several options such as canning, freezing, drying, fermenting, salting, and more. Preservation will help you avoid throwing out food items.

With fruits, you can simply wash them, cut them into bits, and put them in a designated smoothie bag. Whenever you’re in the mood for a smoothie, there will be a collection of fresh fruits available to blend up.


Changing your food habits is not an easy task. You’ve had them your whole life! However, it’s a change that we all need to make. For many of us, we live in regions where food supply is abundant. Now, it’s time to play our part in better food distribution by reducing our food waste.

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