The end to plastic straws

Plastic is made of synthetic chemical materials, though it may seem harmless but contributes significantly to earth pollution. Thus, the world needs substitute, and what could better substitute plastic straws than organic straws. Plastic straws are also harmful to human health because of chemicals that leach from the straws to drinkable liquids.

Various countries around the world have recognized the harmfulness of plastic straws and have done the needful. Seattle, for example, became the largest U.S. state to place a complete ban on plastic straws. Other famous companies in the food and beverage industry have also been phasing out plastic straws at a slow but steady pace. Starbucks, for example, is going to completely phase out plastic straw by the year 2020. Another example is McDonald’s that bans plastic straws at its Ireland and U.K. restaurants

Organic straws are not only cool to use, but you are also conserving the Earth’s natural resources by using them. Our straws are made from plant-based materials; sustainable naturally growing grass from Vietnam. They are biodegradable and have no side effect whatsoever. At HAVI Ecopac, we have the best collection of organic straws; be it dry or fresh natural straws. These eco-friendly straws are 100% chemical free, and their prices are quite affordable for everyone.

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