Welcome to HAVI, a company committed to providing an eco-friendly environment for the entire world. HAVI delivers ecologically friendly packaging materials for food supplies and aims to replace the use of plastic supplies as much as possible. Our company is dedicated to accelerate and promote a sustainable lifestyle with our 100% natural brand that translates into a balanced and healthy planet, with a commitment to healthy oceans. Our biodegradable packaging and supplies include straws are made from recycled grass.  

Having studied the hazards caused by millions of plastic straws used and thrown away every day, HAVI is out to offer the best and healthy solution that impacts both life and environment. These plastic straws, because of the nature of the material do take forever to decompose; thereby having significant effects on the both environment and man on the planet earth. Our marine life has suffered so much; harming fishes, turtles, and our ecosystem in general.

HAVI was established to offer green grass straw option to replace the current plastic option in circulation. Our teams always carry out research to improve and find a solution to human needs. The grass straws are not only eco-friendly but also affordable and readily available.

Our Products 

All our products aim to create a more comfortable life for the consumers in a natural way without harming our ecosystem. In our bid to reduce plastic waste and protect the environment as much as possible, HAVI has successfully produced straws from natural grass material. The research which took our teams years before they finally come up with the result that led to the manufacturing of grass straws that are biodegradable and eco-friendly.  

Grass straws are natural and chemical free; which means they can decompose easily without causing harm to the environment. The products are produced directly from our company at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; while we export the products into Australia.  

We have two products, namely; Fresh Grass drinking straws and Dried Grass drinking straws. These straws are made from wild grasses called sedge grass (Scientific Name – Lepironia articulata) and produced with 100% natural condition and processes in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, before exported it for easy access. The sedge grass grows to have a hollow stem; hence, it has natural straw shape. These grasses are cultivated and processed into food-safe straws for use. HAVI offers both fresh and dried grass drinking straws.  

From Farm to your Home – How our Grass Straws are made?

Lepironia Articulata plants were naturally harvested and produced for safe use. Below is the chain of making HAVI straws.

Why choose us?

HAVI does not only sell compostable products but also committed to creating a sustainable and ecofriendly environment. Our goals, standards, and values have set us apart from the competition of the world. The uniqueness of our brands gives us an edge over others in the business. Many people chose us because of many of our attributes, and these are not limited to the following:

  • HAVI offers eco-friendly, biodegradable, and compostable products to replace unhealthy ones currently in use.
  • We use natural and green grass ingredients throughout our drinking straw processing; hence, our grass straws are chemical free
  • Our teams are committed to exclusive green and sustainable world space.
  • We ship your order promptly and without delay.
  • Our goal is to reduce the amount of plastic waste in use; hence, our products are affordable compared to other competitors.
  • HAVI’s order tracking system ensures that you follow-up with the movement of your order from our warehouse to your door step.
  • We are equipped with experienced and well-mannered customer service support to respond to all your inquiries

Let’s take care of our planet together