Where are your products made?

Our products are produced directly from our company at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where the grass grows, while we export the products into Australia. We see that importing reusable and eco-friendly product is a better alternative than allowing plastic straws to continue to harm our environment.

What is our goal at HAVI?

Our goal is to provide much-needed solutions to the environmental of the world by offering natural and organic products that add values to our environment.

Are your straws available for wholesale?

Sure! Kindly send us a direct message for enquiry on this.

Are your Straws Gluten-Free?

Yes! Our grass drinking straws are biodegradable, eco-friendly, 100% natural, with gluten reading less than 10ppm. A gluten-free product is expected to have ppm reading under 20ppm.

What are your straws made from?

HAVI straws are made from natural Lepironia Articulata grass without any artificial chemical or preservative. However, it is not meant to be digested or eaten, and it is strictly designed to be used as a straw.

How do we make your straw?

We peel off sheaths by hand and wash with fresh water to remove dirt. They are then cut into desired size (about 8 inches). Each grass is then cleaned inside to ensure all septa to be pushed out. The grasses are rinsed with fresh water. The straws soaked in NaCl as natural preservatives to preserve the grass. There are no artificial preservatives or artificial chemical used. They are rinsed with fresh water, sun-dried and then dehydrated in the oven to remove moisture from grass. Personal Protective Equipment, such as gloves and face masks, are used in this process.

Yeah! Plastic is not healthy - what about avoiding using straws totally?

If it is possible to avoid straw totally – better for the environment, but there are some drinks that require using a straw, especially when you are in public. HAVI is committed to creating a mean of minimising plastic waste as much as possible; hence, our grass drinking straw is the best solution to achieve this.

Okay. But why are plastic straws not environmentally good for us?

Plastic straws are a single-use type of plastic which can be nasty and constitute environmental problems quickly. You can imagine how many plastic straws are used and wasted every day in Australia and the world. Because of its non-biodegradable nature, it may take over 100 years to break down; thereby constituting a nuisance to the environment. To make the matter worse, once broken down, they continue to live as micro-plastic, which contaminate our food chain when they seep into it.

Straws are used for about 20 minutes, and they live forever to disturb the environment and our health. In addition, plastic straws contain BPA; meaning it can neither be recycled nor reusable, which is dangerous for the environment. However, this is the solution to the problem. HAVI grass straws are 100% natural, eco-friendly and biodegradable.

What sizes are available?

Our grass straws are cut into size – 20 centimeters (about 8 inches) with diameter 4 – 7 millimeters.

Are they suitable for all drinks?

Yes. You can use our grass drinking straws for all kinds of drinks, including hot and cold juices, lemonades, water, and other related drinks.

What happens to the environment when your straws are disposed?

Since they are plant and biodegradable, they break down the same way plants do; hence, they are not harmful but eco-friendly.

Where and how do you ship?

We ship from our warehouse in Australia to every nook and cranny of the country. We pack grass straws in cardboard box and label accordingly, to be delivered to the customer promptly.

How long does it take before the straws decompose?

The time it takes depends on environmental factors such as water, ground, temperature, wind, and others. The debris does not harm the environment like plastic but serves as a nutrient to the soil.