Privacy Policy

HAVI Ecopac CO., LTD

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is really important to HAVI Ecopac Co. Ltd. The data needed by us to enhance our services are processed entirely, and we manage both your usage and the information collected about you carefully. We do not disclose your information with third parties for business purpose. Both the use of the website and the services offered by HAVI Ecopac Co. Ltd are where this privacy policy is applied.

The things that are included in this privacy policy include your information that we gathered, what we use it for, and with whom and under what circumstances can this information be disclosed to. The storage mode we adopt for your date, data protection, and your right as the data owner is also discussed in this privacy policy.

Our Data-Processing

Your information is no stored for a longer period that exceeds the timeframe allowed legally. There is a possibility that your information is being processed in the US as EU/US privacy shield is effective. 

You can read below how your data is being processed, saved, and what securities measure we put in place to ensure its safety and with whom the data is disclosed.

Privacy and Security

To show how committed we are towards ensuring the safety of your personal information, we have carefully brought up this privacy policy.

Mailing List

We only market through email based on the authorization. You will only receive email from HAVI Ecopac Co. Ltd if you have signed up for email communication with us or you have done so in time past, as we do not send email to people unless their records with us show that they requested for it. How often we send our mail is being controlled so as not to disturb you with too many emails. Kindly send a copy of any unsolicited message or mail from us together with your comments on the message.

To unsubscribe

We also ensure that it is easier for you to unsubscribe from our mail communication. To remove your email from our mailing list, kindly check the bottom of any mail you received from us and follow the procedure to unsubscribe.

HAVI Ecopac Co. Ltd Website

No one is required by HAVI Ecopac Co. Ltd to disclose their personal information. Purchasing of items is made possible on our website without you signing up with us. HAVI Ecopac Co. Ltd will only need personal details from you to complete the transaction and to ship your items to your location when you purchase from us. Only your name, phone number, and an active e-mail address will be required of you.

The personal information you supplied to us will not be used for any other purpose except for the above service. You may choose to receive email from us (optional) and may also go through your account details at your own pace by clicking on “my account” in case you create an account before you finish shopping.  

You will find many security measures in place on our website, which are there to secure your personal information and credit cards. Securities measure such as site-wide, PCI certified cart coupled with SSL certificate, https, and extended validation are put in place to protect you. You are also with the right to instruct us on how we should treat your personal information, whether to modify or delete. You can communicate with us through contact page to trigger this right.

Similarly, as an Australian, we understand that your information is being processed to complete the contracts we may share or to go after legal business opportunities mentioned above, it is important to be aware that your information is safe with us. 

Account Login

You will be required to create a username and password if you choose to register an account with HAVI Ecopac Co. Ltd. Your information will be kept securely with us even after completing your transaction. You can log on to the site and go through your account activities without purchasing anything. Kindly contact us through our page or our official email address if you are yet to create an account with HAVI Ecopac Co. Ltd or you have anything to ask about what information of yours we saved with us.

The method used to protect your privacy

We avoid usage abuse, alteration, and loss of data by making use of effective security features. Only the service providers and staff that are working on delivering the exact kind of email services you signed up for are the ones who have access to your personal information. Your information will never be disclosed to any third party regardless of who they are.

Be rest assured as well that your information will not be sold nor rent out with any individual or group for any reason without prior notice and proper authorization from you or except there is a legal order.


The pieces of information sent by a website to a browser’s hard-drive solely to keep record are known as cookies. Once the visitor closes the browser, the cookie is deleted.  When you visit the HAVI Ecopac Co. Ltd website, some particular non-personally identifiable pieces of information are stored temporarily. This restricted information contains the type of operating system you are using, the type of device you are using, and what type of browser you are using.

Our site also records the number of visitors on our website, what page they visit, and how long they stayed on each page. No personal information of yours is included in this information.   

Use of Web Beacons

To know the exact number of recipients who open our emails when we send to you, a web beacon may be included in the mail. To help us in designing the best email services for you, when you click on a link embedded in an email, this may be recorded by us as a response to know what particular service interest you. Information gathered by the web beacon includes the time and date of a particular page you visit, whether you check our email or not, then the webpage address. This information doesn’t include your personal or systems.