Terms of Service

HAVI Ecopac CO., LTD

Terms of Service

The operation of this website is being controlled by HAVI Ecopac Co. Ltd. HAVI Ecopac Co. Ltd is described as “us,” “our,” and “we” throughout this term of service and the entire site. The tools and services together with the information on the site are being offered to you as the user by HAVI Ecopac Co. Ltd based on your acceptance of the notices, policies, and conditions mentioned here. You are making use of our service and accept to be linked by our terms and conditions when you visit our website and/or buy item(s) from us.

Before you access or make use of our website, make sure you read and understand these terms of service to the fullest. You accept to be confined by these terms of service when you access or make use of any section of the website. You may not make any effort to access the website or make use of any of the services on it if you have a conflict with any of the terms and conditions.

You also agreed to be bounded by extra terms and conditions together with policies referred to in this note, including the one provided by hyperlinks. Every user of our websites such as but not limited to customers, browsers, merchants, content contributors, and vendors are all bounded by our term of service.

There is a limit to these terms of service if they are seen as an offer. Whenever an update is made to the tools or features on the existing store, such update shall also be available under the terms of service. This page will always make the updated terms of service available to you at all time. The right to perform update and modification operations on the terms of service is reserved by us and will be found on our site.

It is, however, your job to check for an update on this page from time to time. You are understood to have agreed to the changes once you continue to access or make use of the website after the modification has been posted. Go Dadd is where the site is hosted. The e-commerce section that enables us to sell our products and services to customers is made available by them.    

Section 1: Online Store Terms

You assert that your age has passed the minority age in your state of residence or that your age is the same as that of majority in your province of residence and you have authorized the use of this site by any of your underage wards when you accept these terms of service.

You are not expected to make use of our products for any activities prohibited by law, or for any purpose not endowed nor may you go against any laws such as copyright laws in your locality while making use of the service.

You must avoid transmission of any viruses, worms, or any code that could destruct the site. Your services will be brought to an end if any of the terms are violated or breached by you.

Section 2: General Conditions

The right not to provide service to anyone at any period is reserved by us. You are aware that your information excluding credit card details may be sent encrypted and include (i) sending over different networks, and (ii) modifications to go in line with technical expectations of linking networks or devices. Whenever transfer is being done over networks, the credit card information is always kept in secret.

You accept that there will be no copy, exploitation, duplicates, sale, reproduce or reselling of any part of the service, or approach to the service or any interaction on the site via the same which the service is made available, without prior and signed authorization by us.

These terms shall not be restricted or affected by any means because of the headings used in this notice as they are only used to make it easier.

Section 3: Not Liable for Accuracy, Timeliness, and Omission

The accuracy, current, and completeness of the information provided on this site are not our responsibility. Sources of information that are more complete, timely and accurate should be conducted before using the information available on this website as the only source of information for any decision making as the contents on the site are not reliable. 

Historical information may be found on the website and are not expected to be up to date as they are only being made available so you can refer to them. The right to modify the site’s content remains reserved by us, but we are, however, not on any obligation to perform an update on the information on the site. Looking out for changes on our site has been agreed by you.

Section 4: Changes may be made to the Service and Prices

We may not notify you of the change in prices for our products. Modification or termination of service or any segment or composition without prior notification is still our reserved right. None of the change in price, suspension of service, termination of service, and modification is our burden to bear to you or any third-party.

Section 5: Products

The website may contain specific types of products online. These products may not be enough in term of quantities and may be exchanged or return based on our return policy. The full descriptions of our products that are currently in the store have been shown with total accuracy by us.

However, the quality of the image you see on your device is solely based on the condition of your device. We may choose not to sell or limit the sales of our products and/or services to any individual, region, or environments as it remains our right. This right may be activated on the circumstantial level.

We also have the right to restrict the number of any of our products or services that we provide. We can choose to change or modify prices and description of our products at any point in time as it is our right. We also have the right to put an end to any product whenever we feel like. We can render any offer made on any of our product invalids when necessary. There is no guarantee given on any of our products or services quality, or that you will be satisfied by the product you purchased, or that we will fix any errors that may arise in the service.  

Section 6: Billing Accuracy and Account Information

We may choose not to follow up on any order for any products you place with us. The number of products a person or family buys may be limited or canceled by us. These limitations may be on suspected orders which same information such as credit card, name, and both billing and shipping address are the same. The phone number or email supplied during the attempt to make the order may be contacted by us in case we choose to cancel or make some modifications to the order.

You now accept to make use of correct, up to date and complete details on every transaction you made at our store. To make contacting you easier and to also make your transaction process swift, you accept to quickly make the necessary update to all your information such as name, email address, credit card details and phone number.

Section 7: Optional Tools

Any third-party tools that we do not look after or have any say on it, can be made available for you by us. You accept that such tools or information is made available to you without any guarantee, and the access is given “as is” and available, meaning that we do not give you any certainty on it. You are on your own when you make use of these third-party tools as they are optional and we are not liable for its usage.

You are using any of the third-party optional tools at your own risk, as we are not responsible for anything about it, you should, however, be careful and make sure you have a full understanding of the terms and condition of the tools you are using by its providers. We may provide new services and/or products via the site, which may include making available of new resources and tools. These new tools, features, and/or services will also be regarded under these terms of service. 

Section 8: Third-Party Links

Contents from third parties may be included in specific products and services provided through our service. You may be directed automatically to third-party sites that are not connected with us when you click on the third-party link. We shall therefore not be responsible for the contents on the third-party websites page, as we do not guarantee how accurate, complete, and timely the resources therein may be.

We shall not by any means be responsible for any damage that may occur as a result of you buying or using any of the goods or services, materials, resources or any other transactions performed in affiliation with third-parties sites. Before you go ahead with any transaction on third-parties website, ensure you understand to the fullest their terms and conditions for services. Direct every claim, complaint, and/or questions to the third-party about their products or services.   

Section 9: Comments and Feedback from the User

You agree that we can make use of any comments, request, suggestions, ideas, plans, proposals or other contents sent to us by email, online or other means when we requested for it or when we don’t at any period of time without any limitation by copying, editing, publishing, translating, distributing and also use in any means that we so wish. We are hereby not under any obligation to treat comments as confidential, pay for any comments whether requested for or not, or give reply to any comments.

We may choose to but not under any obligation to modify, remove or monitor any materials that we deem unfit, illegal, defamatory, offensive, libelous, obscene, threatening and/or pornographic or unacceptable, as it breaches any party’s side of these terms of service.

You hereby accept that none of your comments will breach any of the third-party’s right such as trademark, copyright, privacy, and/or another individual right. You also accept that your comments will not be abusive, threatening, and unlawful, or include destructive materials that could cause damages to the effective operation of the service or any third party website.

Impersonation such as using fake information (fake email address, name, address) may not be used as it may lead us and the third-party into wrong direction when looking for the source of a particular comment. Both the comment and its accuracy are your responsibilities. No comment made by any third-party or you is counted as our liability.

Section 10: Personal Information

Our privacy policy controls your personal information submitted to us via the store.

Section 11: Errors, Omissions, and Inaccuracies

There may sometimes be typographical errors, omissions and lack of accuracies in the information displayed on our website that may be related to offers, shipping fees, pricing, product descriptions, time of transition and promotion. The right to correct any errors on the information displayed on the site, modify or make any changes as required when detected, and also to cancel orders even if you have already submitted is still reserved by us.

Except when the law requires us to, we are not under any obligation to modify, update, or make clear information in the service or on a similar website, such as information about price. There is no specific date that can be referred to as an indication that all the available information on the website related to the service are all up to date. 

Section 12: Usage not allowed

To go further on things to avoid that has been made clear in terms of service, you are not allowed to use the site or its materials: (a) for any illegal act; (b) to make others engagement in illegal acts; (c) to breach any laws whether international, federal, state or others; (d) to breach our intellectual property rights or that of others; (e) to make fun of people, disparage, defame, insult, harm, intimidate, slander, abuse, or discriminate based on gender, origin, religion, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, race, national or disability; (f) supply fake information that could mislead us; (g) to upload code, viruses or worms that could destroy or affect the operation of the service or any website related to it, the internet or third-party website negatively; (h) to collect and invade private information of other people; (i) to phish, spam, crawl, pretext, scrape or spider; (j) for any ridiculous purpose; (k) to affect the security of the service or any website related to it, the internet or third-party website. The right to discontinue your usage of the service or any similar website for breaching any of the prohibitions remains reserved by us.  

Section 13 – No Warranties; Restriction of Liability

No guarantee or warranty is given by us that your usage of the service will be satisfactory, not interrupted, accurate, secure, or effective. We also do not give you guarantee that the result of using this service will not be erroneous or can be relied on. You acknowledged that the service could be removed till we deem it fit to bring it back or cancel it at any period without giving you prior notice.

You also accept that your being able or not being able to use the service is your responsibility. Both the service and the products and services issued to you via the service are made available “as is” and “as available” for your usage, without including warranties, representation, conditions, whether huge or small, along with conditions and guarantees of marketable standard, marketable durability, readiness for a specific purpose, non-infringement and topic  that are implied.   

Even if you are advised of how possible it is to suffer loss or damage from the usage of the products or services, HAVI Ecopac Co. Ltd officers, affiliates, directors, contractors, suppliers, agents, interns, licensors or service providers shall not be responsible for any loss, claim, injury or incidental, direct, punitive, indirect, consequential, or special damages that may include but not limited to lost savings, revenue, profits, data loss, costs of replacements, or any related damages, regardless of its inclusion in contracts, negligence, tort, or any other related claim as a result of usage of the service and/or the product, which may include omissions or errors in any materials, or any damage that may occur due to the usage of the service or any material or product transmitted, displayed or made available through the service.

Our liability, however, shall be restricted to the highest level allowed by law in some states or province where liabilities for damages caused by consequence or incidents are not allowed to be excluded or restricted. 

Section 14: Indemnification

You accept to compensate, defend and not hold HAVI Ecopac Co. Ltd and our officers, agents, directors, licensors, partners, affiliates, subsidiaries, subcontractors, interns, suppliers, employees and service providers harmless from any form of demand or claim, which may include attorney’s charges, filed by a third-party because of your breach of these terms of service or the files included in the reference, or your breach of any of the third-party rights.

Section 15: Severability

If any part of these terms of service is found to be illegal and cannot be enforced, the law behind it shall thereby be enforced entirely, and the part of these terms of service that cannot be enforced shall be removed from it, and it shall not in any way affect other parts of the terms of service that can be enforced.

Section 16: Termination

This agreement may be stopped, but all the liabilities and obligations contributed by the parties before the termination date shall not be terminated. Except for this terms of service is terminated by either of us, it will continue to remain valid. This agreement can be terminated by not using our website or by notifying us that you no longer wish to continue using our services.

If you are found to have not complied with any of the provisions in these terms of service, we may as well terminate this agreement at any period in time without giving you prior notice, and you will be responsible for every pending payment up till the termination date, and we may also stop you from accessing any or part of our services.

Section 17: Entire Agreement

That any right of these terms and service is not enforced by us does not mean it shall be snubbed. The whole agreement between you and us controlling your use of the service are included and as posted in these terms of service, thereby overriding any formal agreements, proposals and interactions, regardless of the kind (written or oral), between both you and us.

No action shall be taken against the party that drafted these terms of service because of ambiguities in the breakdown.   

Section 18: Governing Law

The government law shall be the basis on which these terms of service and any other partial agreements made available to you by us shall be monitored and controlled. 

Section 19: Changes to Terms of Service

Latest update of these terms of service shall be made available to you on this page. The right to remove, update, modify, or replace any aspect of these shall be made available on this page by displaying updates and modification to our site remains reserved. Checking our website from time to time is, therefore, your responsibility. We understand that you agree to these terms of service when you continue to access our website or use our service after we have posted the updates.  

Section 20: Contact Information

Send your questions to us about the terms of service via contact page or use our official email address.